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17 Training games with Aggressive Dogs For agility Training

17 Training games with Aggressive Dogs For agility Training - Paaaltu

Aggressive dog training can be a mess if you have no idea how to manage things. Professionals do agility training with sophisticated tools and gadgets. But you can start at home dog training for your aggressive dog by following easy-to-apply tips and tricks to control your dog’s aggression and make it follow your command every time in every place.

The excessive energy in the dogs can be problematic for the owners and the people around them. The following agility training games and exercises will decrease the stress level and hyperactivity in the dog to give you an obedient, friendly, and loving companion for everyone around.

Without making further ado, let’s start the hot favourite list of agility games:

1. Weave poles

Weaves poles crossing is the most significant part of agility sports. At-home dog training for your aggressive dog can take great benefits from this easy-to-make setup. All you need is some PVC pipes and put them into the ground with the appropriate distance in each pole for your dog to pass through.

These poles have always proven effective in aggressive dog training. You can make your dog obey the command and behave accordingly with the help of this simple DIY project.

 weave poll with dogs
weave poll with dogs


2. Jump through a tire

Aggressive dogs become manageable and behave in a good way when exhausted from surplus energy. Making your dog jump through an old car tire will add fun and joy to both owner and the pet. This routine will help aggressive dog training and management of dogs in the most subtle way.

Agility training is incomplete without incorporating this exercise into the agility routine for your aggressive dog.

Jump Through Tires
Jump Through Tires

3. Teeterboard

You might have seen the teeterboard in the agility sports and championships of dogs. This is a kind of seesaw that you come across in the children’s park. The teeterboard makes your aggressive dog learn how to control energy and have a check on fast-paced movements. Agility training and or home dog training can benefit from this teeter board which is easy to make, and you would love to train your aggressive dog through this wooden plank.

Dog Teethe Board
Dog Teethe Board

4. Attempt a tunnel

Collapsible tunnels for the children are easily available anywhere around. You can buy one for your dog and start aggressive dog training at home with agility manoeuvres. In the beginning, it might be difficult for the dog to enter the tunnel. You can use treats and spread them throughout the tunnel. It will make your dog comfortable with the tunnel, which will add more value to the training.

Attempt Through Tunnel
Attempt Through Tunnel

5. Tug of War

The oldest game for dogs still has the rightful pale in the agility training. You can most of the time harness your dog’s aggressive strength by involving the pet in this game. Tug of war requiem strength and power from the dog and owner to get the maximum out of it. When you see that your dog is not following your orders, a tug of war will make the dog feel relaxed and comfortable afterwards.

Tug of War
Tug of War

6. Frisbee

Aggressive dogs love to play Frisbee, even if it is a part of agility training. You can buy a Frisbee and take your dog agouties in the park or even in the backyard to make your aggressive dog use maximum energy to fetch the flying Frisbee by jumping in the air. The midair catch will excite the dog, and the aggressive routines will convert into obedience and affection.


7. Fetch

Throw a ball, stick, or toy; the dog will love to fetch it from far a place. You can incorporate this game in agility training by making your dog follow your orders. You can ask the dog to stay while you throw the ball. And when you order your dog to fetch, the pet would love to follow the order. At-home dog training could use this technique with fewer far throws and training to follow the orders.

8. Bubbles

When you want to harness the energy of your aggressive dog by doing nothing at all, this is just the right game for you to sit on a chair or any place you want. Blow some bubbles, and your dog will love to play with them. Popping these beautiful bubbles will give your dog a dose of exercise and training while you can sit back and relax, enjoying the gameplay.

9. Play Chase

Suppose you are healthy and fit and want to train your dog for agility by running with it. Play chase can work for you in both ways. First of all, you can hold your dog’s favourite toy or treat and run to make the dog chase you. Or you can also run behind the dog when it picks up the toy in the mouth. Teach your dog to stop and stay at your command, and you will have the best experience every time.

10. Fishing

Flirt pole or fishing is also a hot favourite game for agility trainers. You don’t need to catch a real fish to play this game with your dog. All you need is a fishing pole and the favourite toy of your aggressive dog. Fix the toy at the end of the string and dangle it before your dog. A little tug and letting it lose will add more excitement to the game for owners and pets.

11. Fetch (in water)

Fetch on the ground exhaust energy of the dog, but the fetch in water takes its toll to the maximum level. This game is perfect for aggressive dogs which still have enough energy to bark on everything, chew furniture and run behind squirrels even when the owner is shouting to stay. Play fetch in water with the favourite toy of the dog or a ball will enhance the purpose of agility training and will make a check on the aggression of the dog,

12. Find the Treat

The absolute favourite game for many dogs and owners is to find the treat. At-home dog training can take great benefit from this easy-to-follow routine. You don’t need special gadgets or tools to play this game with your aggressive dog. You don’t need to be creative or add some drama. Hide the treats and allow your dog to find them and have as many as they could.

13. Water Games

Water tends to calm the aggression of both humans and animals. Most aggressive dogs love to play in the water. You can take your dog to the beach and play some favourite ball game, swim and catch, and even have a race. A swimming pool inside the house can also serve the purpose for your dog to have fun and joy to manage the behaviour with the owner and others.

14. Side by side running

In agility sports, you have to keep your dog at your side and follow your instructions. The agility training requires you to make your dog look at you for directions and follow your commands. When you start the aggressive dog training, carry the dog’s favourite toy with you and make it run alongside to go a little distance and stop at your command.

15. Go! Game

This game helps the dog learn how to jump obstacles while running. You don’t have to buy fancy objects from an expensive physical or online store. You can have the favourite toy or treat bag for your dog. Throw it in the direction of the obstacle so your dog can jump from it and catch the treat bag in the air. The fun and joy of this game will involve all the family members.

16. Eye Contact Game

The most powerful game of all time, which will add more precision and accuracy to the agility training, is the eye contact game. The process is extremely simple, put a leash on your dog and tie it to your waist or hold it in hand. On the other hand, hold some treats or delicious food far from your face; if the dog looks at your face instead of food, mark the behaviour and offer the treat for conditioning of the good behaviour. The agility training is incomplete without this robust game.

17. Restrained Recall Game

The final entry on our list is also the potent game to get your dog to follow the instructions and do what you order. You need two people for this game. You can ask your friend or a family member to hold the dog’s leash and go away at some distance from both of them. Now you must call the name of the dog. If the dog stretches the leash and tries to go to the trainer, this is a sign of obedience. The person should let go of the leash and allow the dog to reach the trainer. The trainer will give food and treat to the dog for conditioning the good behaviour for enhanced obedience in every setting.

Over to you

Aggressive dogs are a source of continuous pain and shame for the owners. When the owner tries to calm the aggressive dog without any agility training, there are no chances. Aggressive dogs are also a danger for the people around the house. You can benefit from these agility training games and routines to start at home dog training.

Once you successfully incorporate these games into the daily routine of your aggressive dog, things will take a dramatic turn, and you will see the real difference when your dog becomes obedient and follows your command even in complex situations. Start from any of the games above and get proven results with all kinds of dog breeds.

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