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Paaltu Munchi Sticks Mutton Flavour for Dog

Rs. 249.00
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    • Sage Square Sticks helps reduce tartar which is great for your dogs teeth

    • Provide pets something healthy and Tasty to chew on. Helps satisfy dog's urge to chew as well as remove plaque for cleaner, healthier teeth

    • Support Controlling of tartar build-up. Chewing on dry treats, rolls or twists helps keep plaque away and reduces the acidity in the dog's mouth that can cause gingivitis.

    • Dogs need to toughen their teeth and gums, and biting on chew treat is a great exercise to do this.

  • These are high quality sticks that provide hours of fun and entertainment for our 4 legged friend
Paaltu Offers a taste that dogs love and is also good for dog's teeth. High Quality chews are long lasting treat that provide hours of fun, entertainment and excersice for dog. They are a natural way to satisfy your dog's instinctive urge to chew, which can reduce destructive behavior- something pet parents can really appreciate! These sticks helps reduce tartar-which is great for your dog's teeth and gums! So give your dog the tasty treat he deserves, and he will thank you in return!


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